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Ramon Harris update **Good News**

I'll be moving this thread up to the top during the day until we have definitive word about Ramon Harris' condition.

Obviously, the collision between Mike Porter and Ramon Harris last night was a very scary thing for Wildcat fans.  I am very thankful that Michael Porter is fine, although it's a measure of respect for that kid's toughness that any of us can call 10 stitches to the temple area and a mouse the size of a golf ball "fine," but the fact he was able to return to the bench was great news.  Seeing Harris carted off on a stretcher after writhing for a long time in obvious pain was much more disturbing.

At this moment, I really have no additional news to report about Ramon's condition.  Rich Bozich has this article up this morning which has Patterson suggesting that the team was informed that Harris would be fine, but that nobody on the team would be allowed to visit him until this morning.  I will be updating this story with links below as I discover them.