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Morning Newspaper for December 30th

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Tuesday is always sweeter after a victory, but now it's time for us to gird our loins for battle with the Louisville Cardinals in Freedom Hall.  We'll be talking more about that over the coming days, and in today's news I will begin with a section on the game.

Kentucky vs. Louisville 2008-09 news

  • Mark Story says the 'Cats have questions to answer against the Cards.  Yes, they certainly do.  He also points out that against UK's big three non-conference rivals, Gillispie is 1-4.

Other UK basketball news

  • Tipton looks at last night's game against CMU.
  • DeAndre Liggins addresses the media.  I hope this puts the Vegas episode to bed now. 
  • Jerry Tipton also has a story on Liggins' availability with audio.  I found this  very telling:

    Patience does not come easy when friends and family sing a player's praises and wonder aloud why the coach isn't playing him more.

    "I hear that from everybody," Liggins said. "I've just got to wait my turn. That's what I tell them."

    Asked how that response plays with his family and friends, Liggins said, "They react (by saying) 'Maybe you should be playing.

    Friends and family and their desires for a player to do well have often unintentionally become impediments to their career.  We have seen this before, and I'm glad DeAndre didn't let it get the best of him.  This situation could have gone very badly for UK and Liggins.

  • The Courier-Journal has more on last night's game.
  • Straightpinkie has thoughts, and was encouraged by Liggins getting the start.
  • Slone energizes the crowd in Rupp Arena, according to this article in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  No doubt that's true, but will the Cardinals out-athlete him and negate his hustling, determined effort?
  • Richard Skinner of the Cincinnati Enquirer says the 'Cats still face questions, and these questions are pretty much identical to what UK fans have expressed on this blog and elsewhere.

UK Football news

  • Tickets still available for Liberty Bowl.
  • ECU wary of the 'Cats.
  • Benching matures Hartline, according to the Commercial-Appeal.  It sounds like he has.
  • A view of the Liberty Bowl from an ECU fan.
  • Kentucky's receiving corps has something to prove, according to this H-L article.  Yes, they most certainly do, especially with Randall Cobb unavailable.  Maybe this month off has helped, I sure hope so.

NCAA Basketball news

  • Tubby Smith to Arizona?  Wouldn't that be an irony?
  • Wayne Chism of Tennessee was hurt in a game last night with Louisiana-Lafayette.  He is said to have hurt his back and neck after falling hard.  At this point, we don't know the extent of his injuries, but I'm sure you all will join me in a prayer that his injuries are minor and his recovery is speedy.
  • Rocky Top Talk has more on Chism here.
  • Joel at Rocky Top Talk asks, "Just how good is this Tennessee team?"  I don't know, but like Kentucky, we are all going to find out soon.
  • Michigan has already won as many games this year as last.

NCAA Football news

  • Preview of the Music City Bowl.
  • Missouri defeats Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl.
  • Nick Saban named AP Coach of the Year.  I'd say he definitely deserves that honor.
  • All eyes on Percy Harvin.  No doubt without him, the Gators will be in trouble.
  • U.S.C. is tired of playing in the Rose Bowl every year.  You need some cheese with that whine, guys.

Other news

  • Eric Crawford has more on the SAT score study I linked to yesterday.