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Sunday Open Thread: Landon Slone edition


This morning, I feel a tiny, teensy bit better about yesterday's game with FAU.  I am not generally too accepting of coaches' remarks when they say, "I thought they played out of their minds," in reference to the other team, but it definitely has the ring of truth in this particular case.  FAU was simply terrific in many ways, and even though UK's defense (or rather, lack thereof) was partially responsible, FAU was scoring on us even when our defense was very good.

Here are some articles and commentary from around Al Gore's Folly:

  • "Until Porter got on him, I thought we put a lot of 'efenders' on him," Gillispie said. "No 'D.' "
    So said Coach Gillispie in this Jerry Tipton article.  Funny.  Further to my other point above, note this comment from Mike Porter about Graham:

    The run grew to 10-0 before Shavar Richardson hit a three-pointer. That was Florida Atlantic's only basket from the 14:33 mark until Graham hit an awkward 15-foot banker over Porter with 7:18 left.

    "Oh gosh, that made me mad," Porter said. "He was on tonight. He was just making shots. I guess when you're playing like that, everything falls."

    Heh.  Jodie Meeks would know about that.  Ask him.  Just not today.

  • John Clay looks at Landon Slone's contribution to the game yesterday, and wonders if Slone is the next Cameron Mills.  Could be.  Another article by the News-Enterprise quotes Gillispie thus:
    "The first two or three times he touched the ball, he immediately improves his angle to throw the ball to Pat or throws to Josh and does a real good job of feeding the post," Gillispie said. "He’s a very smart player. Who knows what could happen for him? I thought he gave us the biggest spark of anyone on our team today."
    I think this illustrates a clear problem with some of our guard play.  Michael Porter got taken to task in the game for just dribbling aimlessly on the right wing without trying to improve his position to enter the post -- dribbling purposelessly.  Gillispie called an immediate timeout and coached him on this point.  All our other guards need to learn this same lesson.

  • Straightpinkie has post-game thoughts.  I agree with some, not so much with others.

  • The Associated Press says that Stevenson got blasted by his teammates in the locker room at halftime:
    “We told him to pick it up,” Kentucky center Patrick Patterson said of Stevenson. “When we were in the locker room, we said some things I’m not able to say here. We tried to pick him up, lift his spirits, make him angry.”
    Whatever works, and for the record, that appeared to work.

  • The Frankfort State-Journal has more praise for Landon Slone.

  • Rick Bozich has praise for Michael Porter.  Well earned, I would say.

  • John Clay has game thoughts on his blog.  I think these are very cogent.

  • ECU says they are ready for the 'Cats in the Liberty Bowl.  Hartline gets a fresh start at quarterback.