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Happy Holiday Wishes to All

In order to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, and to perpetuate the season of giving, I have put together a list of gifts that I hope the following people find underneath their trees on Christmas morning.  They are all thoroughly deserving:

Antoine Walker -- A healthy and happy post-basketball life.

Randall Cobb -- A healthy body.

FortyYear -- A salary commiserate with his knowledge of Kentucky basketball statistics.

Tru -- More 'hits' than he can handle (and that's a lot of 'hits'), and a Thesaurus :)

Michael Porter -- A fan base that appreciates his passion and hustle.

Patrick Patterson -- The realization that at least three years of college is needed to succeed in the NBA.

Trevard Lindley -- The realization that at least four years of college is needed to succeed in the NFL.

Tim Tebow -- The realization that there is nothing left for him to prove at the collegiate level.  The NFL is calling.

Rich Brooks -- A third bowl win in a row, a healthy '09 squad, and boating lessons.

Dicky Lyons, Jr. -- A great NFL combine.

Dick Vitale -- A year old fruitcake from the NABC.

Rick Pitino -- A team that plays the rest of the year the way they are playing now.

Billy Donovan -- A team that continues to play defense as they have so far this year.

Mike Pratt -- His jersey lofted in Rupp.

Billy Gillispie -- A swarming defense, efficient offense, and a forty-minute game.

Tom Leach -- Vocal cords that never wane.

Ken Pomeroy -- A Michael Porter poster (I kid).

Kykat -- A region championship in basketball for Taylor County High School.

Jeff Goodman -- A pox of Asian origin.

John Clay -- Many more columns, many more opinions, and many more years covering UK.

Chip Cosby -- A healthy '09, and more appreciation from UK fans.

Jerry Tipton -- A great Tournament run to write about.

Matt Jones -- An affordable group insurance plan (he has half the state writing for KSR).

Bruce Pearl -- A Rocky Top meltdown, and a total body hair loss.

Darius Miller -- Confidence in his own considerable ability.

Steve Kragthorpe -- A GREAT agent.

Tubby Smith -- Anything he wants, for obvious reasons.

Bill Keightley's family -- The knowledge that Mr. Wildcat touched more lives than any twenty people.

Andy Kennedy -- A chauffeur for road games.

Mark Bradley -- A firmer grasp of reality. 

Larry, Jen, Donie, Jason, Daniel, and Tim -- Better luck next year.

I want to take this time to sincerely thank all of the readers and contributors to A Sea of Blue.  Tru and I would be awfully lonely without you guys taking the time out of your day to visit and comment.  So from me to you, Happy Holidays!!!

And as always, thanks for reading,and Go 'Cats!