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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 10


It's time for another edition of the SEC Power Poll, and we certainly saw some interesting things this weekend.

First of all, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party turned out to be the world's largest egg on Mark Richt's face.  The Gators simply crushed the Bulldogs in a game that had been widely and anxiously anticipated across the SEC, but turned out to be uncompetitive.  The Gators were so dominant that Ken voted them #1 in the league, despite Alabama's pristine record and #1 national ranking.

South Carolina continues to impress, beating the Tennessee Volunteers convincingly in Columbia.  That loss was the straw that broke the camel's back and freed up Phil Fulmer for other employment opportunities.  The embarrassing performance of the Auburn Tigers versus Ole Miss after the debacle with Tony Franklin threatens to do the same thing to Tommy Tuberville.

Kentucky managed a close victory over Croom's charges, but that didn't do much to improve their perception in the SEC at this point.  Kentucky gets Georgia this week, and if the 'Cats are going to threaten the rankings, this game would seem to be their only available opportunity to do so.  With the Dawgs smarting after the Florida beat-down, they figure to be ready to play on Saturday.

So here is our vote.  The compiled results will be up later at Garnet and Black Attack, and I'll link it when it becomes available.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS Last Rank Tru Tru Comments Ken Ken Comments
Florida 5-1 7-1 6-1 50.13 2 1 2 The Gators swallowed the Bulldogs whole, leaving egg on Richt's face and a smug smile on Meyer's. 1 The Gators are on an historic roll. Winning isn't enough, they're dominating.
Alabama 5-0 9-0 6-0 42.7 1 1 1 The Elephants sat on Arkansas State and backed into #1 nationally. 2 #1 in the nation, but #2 in the SEC.
Georgia 4-2 7-2 5-2 54.64 3 3 3 Bulldog fans were swilling cocktails early to numb the pain. Meanwhile, on the field, Moreno ran for 65 whole yards. 3 Richt's 'Dawgs join the ever-growing 'humiliated by the Gators club.'
LSU 3-2 6-2 3-2 48.8 4 4 4 Took care of a weak Tulane team. Now they get to face the mighty Tide. 4 I really have nothing to say ... except that I love Les Miles.
South Carolina 3-3 6-3 4-3 45.66 5 5 6 Seems Spurrier has finally found his quarterback. 5 Carolina has found their groove. Just one more nail in Fulmer's over-sized coffin.
Mississippi 3-3 5-4 3-4 48.2 9 6 7 Assisted by timely penalties, the Rebels refused to turn the ball over and sent Auburn back to the Plains with an L. 6 Nutt has the Reb's chuggin' along.
Vanderbilt 3-2 5-3 3-3 48.63 6 6 5 Bye week 8 Bye week
Kentucky 2-3 6-3 3-3 46.55 8 8 7 Special teams cost UK dearly at Florida, and won the game for them in Starksville. 7 Signs of offensive life in the 2nd half. Now, about those turnovers and penalties ...
Arkansas 1-4 4-5 1-5 55.43 11 9 9 Dominated Tulsa statistically and held them to 40 yards on the ground. 11 An awful Arkansas team beating a ranked Tulsa team speaks volumes about the rankings, and the SEC.
Tennessee 1-5 3-6 1-6 48.76 11 10 12 Meltdown complete. Fulmer fired. Will UT now win out for Phil? 9 All I can do is smile at the futility.
Auburn 2-4 4-5 2-5 46.11 8 10 11 Cody Burns completed 30 passes for 319 yards. Unfortunately, 3 of them were to the other team 10 Paging Tony Franklin. They've scored less without him than they did with him. It's called 'karma' Tommy T.
Mississippi State 1-4 3-6 1-5 46.23 11 12 10 Gotta make those extra points, guys. 12 Croom has a very good defense, but an offensive offense.