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Sunday Open Thread: Las Vegas Invitational Champions

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I woke up this morning trying to remember when the last time we won any kind of tournament was.  Believe it or not, it has been almost five years ago -- the SEC Tournament in 2004 where we beat Florida.

That is simply amazing to me, and quite frustrating as well.  But it was a real pleasure to be on hand when Kentucky finally brought home a trophy after a long drought.  To bring that home to everyone, I have a couple of photos I took (please excuse the poor quality as I had to use my phone for these.  I'll have more when I get back and have time to clean them up:


'Cats hold the trophy high in triumph.

Your 2008 Findlay Las Vegas Invitational champions!

Here are some news articles of interest as well:

Discuss.  Enjoy your Sunday, and the this excellent victory.  For me, it's off to the casinos for some fun and games.