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Tennessee Volunteers 28, Kentucky Wildcats 10: Post mortem


I will offer very little here, as this game was just a repeat of recent futility by the Kentucky Wildcats.

Congratulations to the Tennessee Volunteers for sending their national championship coach out in style.  Phillip Fulmer deserved a rousing sendoff for all the hard work he has done for the Orange and White, and he got one tonight in the form of a convincing victory over Kentucky

For Kentucky, it was another excercise in offensive futility.  Despite a game effort from the defense, the Kentucky offense simply failed to give them time to catch their breath, and when that happens, they get worn down.  Today, the Vols wore the 'Cats down to a nub, and ended up scoring despite themselves.

For Kentucky, it is a .500 regular season, and although that seems like kissing your sister, it is probably all that this injury-riddled team deserved.  I am not happy about losing to Tennessee for the 24th straight time, but quite frankly, it is asking a lot for a team like this one to go anywhere in the SEC and win other than Commonwealth Stadium.  The fact that they were able to accomplish one road win with so many injured players on both sides of the ball is something worhty of grudging praise.

There is not really much more to say right now.  It's time to wait and see what the post season has to offer.  No matter what it is, I am confident next year's team will be much better overall.