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Leaving (for) Las Vegas: Happy Thanksgiving open thread


In about an hour, we will be heading out for a little pre-flight breakfast, then on to the airport for a little Vegas Vacation action.  I'll be posting more when I get out to Sin City, but for now, the most you will get from me will be a comment or two from my shiny new iPhone I purchased just so I could blog this trip a little better.  No sacrifice is too great to keep my brothers and sisters of the Big Blue Nation well informed.

In the meantime, here are a few articles for discussion:

  • Gillispie wants the team to forget the past and focus on the games in front of them.  That's always good advice.  Coach says he doesn't believe in "redemption," at least when it comes to basketball.  Just a note to Coach Gillispie -- most fans do.
  • I never thought of our losing streak to Tennessee in terms of lifetimes, but in reality, there are probably no UK players on today's team that were out of the womb for more than a few months the last time UK beat the Volunteers.  Beating UT would really be a big deal.
  • Rajon Rondo continues to do the work for the Celtics.  I always knew this kid was going to be a star.
  • This has been out there a while, but notice this FanPost, then read about Gillispie's dissatisfaction with the Las Vegas arrangements:

    UK will play again on Saturday at 7:30 or 10:30 p.m. EST depending on the outcome Friday.

    Why will Kentucky and Kansas State tip off so late?

    Chris Spencer, the director of the Las Vegas Invitational, had a quick, easy-to-understand response.

    "ESPN," he said.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Enjoy your turkey, dressing, and whatever.  Use this thread to express thanks for your blessings or discuss anything Wildcat related.