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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 12


Due to the basketball games this week and my general inability to get it done, I am a bit late getting the SEC Power Poll ballot posted.  Sorry about that.

Obviously, this poll was for week 12, so the games that took place yesterday have not been included.  As you can see, Ken and I split on the #1 team for the third week in a row, and some kind of weird confluence of reality has caused us to rate no less than three positions ties including a 3-way tie for 5th.

For Kentucky, the 'Cats manage to hold the eighth spot down, much as they have all year.  Given the events of yesterday which essentially left Auburn as the only remaining team in the SEC who can yet accomplish bowl eligibility (even though  to do that, they must defeat Alabama in the Iron Bowl).

Anyway, here is the Power Poll ballot for Week 12.  The compiled results may be found here at Garnet and Black Attack

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS Last Rank Tru Tru Comments Ken Ken Comments
Florida 7-1 9-1 8-1 50.25 1 1 2 The Evil Genius looked more like Mini-Me in Gainesville, and his Gamecocks ... well, weren't game. 1 Gators hand Spurrier worse loss ever. That has to hurt!
Alabama 7-0 11-0 8-0 41.16 1 1 1 The Tide's special teams swamped the Bulldogs. 2 The Tide finally show some offensive prowess.
Georgia 6-2 9-2 7-2 54.24 3 3 3 Georgia's lines are no longer functioning due to attrition. 3 Dogs narrowly escape disaster.
LSU 3-3 7-3 3-3 49.72 4 4 4 Pulls one out of the deepest, darkest, most secret recesses of their alimentary canal against a team they should have dominated by 30. 4 Improbable comeback averts Mile's migraine and Baton Rouge meltdown.
Vanderbilt 4-3 6-4 4-4 47.63 7 5 5 Chris Nickson lived up to his billing, and the 'Cats got their tails twisted. 7 Bowl eligible for the first time since 1982 -- Congratulations to Bobby Johnson and the 'Dores.
Mississippi 3-3 6-4 3-4 47.6 6 5 6 Ate a cupcake just like you are supposed to – in one big bite. 6 They did what they were supposed to do: Dominate an inferior opponent.
South Carolina 4-4 7-4 5-4 47.65 5 5 7 Kentucky fans are happy to have company as laughing stock. Bu nobody is laughing at Florida. 5 Only the latest Urban victim.
Kentucky 2-5 6-5 3-5 45.6 7 8 8 Three (3) roughing the kicker penalties and all were deserved. I'm confident that has never happened before in a college football game. 8 First half cat nap costs UK a victory.
Auburn 2-5 5-6 2-6 46.28 9 9 10 Too many empty trips to the red zone doomed the Tigers 9 Does a near victory over Georgia mean Tubs is turning it around? I hope not.
Arkansas 1-5 4-6 1-6 53.37 10 10 9 Bye week 11 Bye week
Tennessee 1-5 3-7 1-6 48.51 12 11 12 Bye week 11 Bye week.
Mississippi State 1-5 3-7 1-6 45.1 11 11 11 Drowned by a Tide of points. Croom had no answer for the Elephants. 12 'Bama's offense came to life versus State. Is Croom in trouble?

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.