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Friday Morning Open Thread


I am working on two or three pieces right now and I know Ken is working on one, but none of them is yet ready to hit the bricks just yet. So for your Friday morning amusement, I thought we would put up an open thread to talk about Wildcat basketball, or really, anything else sports-related on your mind

Kentucky has four basketball games in the seven days starting from tomorrow, all of them related to the Las Vegas Invitational. We'll be looking at each game in depth as we always do, of course, starting with Delaware State later today. But for now, just a few things that are in the news today that might provide fodder for discussion:

  • Matt Jones says that we need Liggins at point guard, and we need him there right now. Essentially, Matt makes the argument (he makes it more tactfully, mind you, but I am cutting to the chase here) that there is no way Liggins could possibly be any more awful than Porter has been. I'm afraid I have to agree. Porter simply isn't confident enough bringing the ball up, and an awful lot of our turnovers are occurring between our own baseline and the half court line.

    We need a guard to set the table and get the ball up the floor successfully, and Liggins seems capable. Yes, he too often tries that magician's trick were you try to jerk the tablecloth from underneath the place settings that so often ends in calamity, but I think it's worth a try. But we know how Billy Gillispie thinks by now, and if Liggins doesn't earn the job in practice, he has a better chance of signing up to play for the Boston Celtics right now than starting at UK.
  • Mike Miller at MSNBC's Beyond the Arc takes a look at a couple of upsets last night, including Michigan's win over #4 UCLA, and an outrageous game between Texas Tech and East Central (Oklahoma) where the final score was 167- 115. Yes, you read that right.
  • Eric Crawford says ESPN is too big for its britches, and tells us why. It's a bit disturbing. He references this post at AwfulAnnouncing, and somehow this slipped past my radar. At least Barad Dûr had the good grace to back out of this thing before it actually happened. I have a hard time working up too much outrage, even though I would very much like to. Sometimes these things slip through the cracks at big media companies.

    You do have to worry about the advertising firm that proposed this, though. And another interesting thing -- is it just me, or are the North Carolina schools the only ones who come out looking just a little too perfect? Hmmm. One might wonder if the ad firm were trying to kowtow to a known (or perceived) ESPN touchstone.

Discuss away. Happy Friday.