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Basketball Blogpoll -- Pre-Season Results


It's time for the basketball blogpoll again, and this week's results are pretty much what you would expect. This poll is run somewhat similarly to the football blogpoll and the SEC Power Poll, only it is for college basketball

This season's first poll unsurprisingly sees UNC at #1, but UCLA reaches the #2 spot, unlike other polls that show UConn there. It's also interesting to note that last year's national champs, the Kanasas Jayhawks, don't make an appearance in the top 25, although like Kentucky, Xavier, West Virginia, Ohio State and others, they did get enough votes to land close to the top 25.

I myself voted Kentucky in at #23, and 2 other voters had UK in thier top 25, so Kentucky is definitely getting some love out there, just not quite enough yet. This should be a very interesting season as a blog poll voter, and I am looking forward to it.

Average Last Week Rank School (#1 votes)
1 N/A 1 North Carolina (11)
2.91 N/A 2 UCLA
3.45 N/A 3 Connecticut
4.18 N/A 4 Louisville
6.91 N/A 5 Pittsburgh
7.45 N/A 6 Michigan State
9 N/A 7 Notre Dame
9.36 N/A 8 Texas
9.82 N/A 9 Tennessee
11.27 N/A 10 Gonzaga
11.45 N/A 11 Oklahoma
12.91 N/A 12 Memphis
13.27 N/A 13 Duke
14.09 N/A 14 Purdue
14.73 N/A 15 Arizona State
17 N/A 16 Davidson
17.55 N/A 17 Miami (FL)
18.27 N/A 18 Marquette
20 N/A 19 Wake Forest
20.64 N/A 20 Georgetown
21.82 N/A 21 Florida
22.45 N/A 22 Wisconsin
22.64 N/A 23 USC
23.45 N/A 24 Baylor
24.09 N/A 25 Villanova

As usual, you r comments are welcome and encouraged. But if you don't feel like commenting, I have attached a small poll where you can make your feelings about UK felt.