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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 11


UPDATE:  Here is the complete SEC Power Poll at Garnet and Black Attack

OK, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty.  Only two weeks left in the regular college football season, and Kentucky is staring at anything between an 8-win season and a 6-win season.  The SEC has been very different this year than most years, with two traditional powers in the bottom third of the conference.  Not only that, Arkansas and Vanderbilt are doing better than expected, so it is an interesting race below the very top.

But the race for the Division crowns appears to be over.  Even if Alabama and Florida lose their last two games, they will still wind up at the top of their respective divisions.  That means they will square off in Atlanta for the SEC championship game, and one or both will go on to BCS bowls, possibly even the BCS championship game.

For the rest of the teams, the order of finish is still way up in the air.  South Carolina plays at Florida next week and will likely wind up 4-4.  Vanderbilt has a chance to finish 3rd in the East at 5-3, and the best UK can do is tie South Carolina and possibly Vanderbilt at 4-4 if the 'Cats win out.

In the West, Ole Miss actually has a chance to finish second ahead of LSU if they manage to beat the Tigers in Death Valley and then win the Egg Bowl, but that is about the only drama left in that division.

This week's ballot is static at the top, with all the movement happening in the bottom 50% of the poll. So here is A Sea of Blue's Week 11 SEC Power Poll ballot:

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS Last Rank Tru Tru Comments Ken Ken Comments
Florida 6-1 8-1 7-1 49.42 1 1 2 These guys are an offensive machine. Can anyone hold them down? 1 It will take an exceptional offensive performance to beat the Gators.
Alabama 6-0 10-0 7-0 40.45 1 1 1 The Tide didn't roll, more like lapped the shore. But they managed to crawl out of Death Valley with the W. 2 LSU almost ended the dream.
Georgia 5-2 8-2 6-2 53.41 3 3 3 Georgia just proved that they are the best offensive team in the league other than Florida. 3 UK makes Stafford look like Heisman winner.
LSU 3-3 6-3 3-3 49.35 4 4 4 Made it hard on the Elephants, but Saban got the last laugh. 4 OT loss to 'Bama doesn't hurt standing.
South Carolina 4-3 7-3 5-3 44.86 5 5 5 Spurrier has a new hyphenated quarterback – Smelley-Garcia. Or is it Garcia-Smelley? I'm so confused. But who can argue with success? 5 Spurrier has his minions playing very well.
Mississippi 3-3 5-4 3-4 48.11 6 6 7 Bye week 6 Bye week
Vanderbilt 3-3 5-4 3-4 48.55 6 7 6 I no longer fear the apocalypse. 9 They've lost four straight -- What happened in Nashville?
Kentucky 2-4 6-4 3-4 46.04 8 7 8 Kentucky just proved that a reputation for good defense is no substitute for .. you know ... ACTUAL defense. 7 UK scores 38 points, but still loses? What happened to the D?
Auburn 2-4 5-5 2-5 44.99 10 9 10 Wow. 37 points against UT-Martin. But they allowed 20. Well, Tuberville will take it. 8 Have they found an offense?
Arkansas 1-5 4-6 1-6 54.24 9 10 9 Arkansas tested South Carolina's secondary, but found their line impenetrable. Casey Dick alone won't win you many games. 11 They are definitely better than they were a month ago.
Mississippi State 1-4 3-6 1-5 44.21 12 11 11 Bye week 11 Bye week
Tennessee 1-5 3-7 1-6 48.48 10 12 12 Rode hard and hung up bloody – and beaten. 12 Go Cowboys!

Comments welcome, as always