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Mike DeCourcy: NABC out of step


Yeah, baby.  That's what I've been saying, and now Mike DeCourcy, one of the few sportswriters who's opinion I actually respect, has said it way better than me.  I'll just keep this short and cut right to the chase:

The schedule change ought to be no big deal, but the perpetually out-of-step National Association of Basketball Coaches board and executive director Jim Haney have chosen to make it seem as though Kentucky has done something untoward.

That's the real crime here.

The NABC became so indignant about Kentucky's maneuver that one of its representatives approached the SEC and asked the league to force Kentucky to rescind the schedule change. The SEC, wisely and justly, swatted down that notion like UK center Patrick Patterson tossing an opponent's weak-stuff layup into the expensive seats at Rupp.

Subsequently, the organization took this up with the NCAA and petitioned for emergency legislation, which was deemed to be impossible. But it's likely a rule will be passed in time to make an early Madness impossible next year -- under the guise that skill development sessions should not be public events.[emphasis mine]

There's more -- a lot more.  Read the whole thing.  As JL said, embrace the hate!