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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 6


Well, this has been one strange season.  If I told you that Tennessee and Auburn would be in the lower half of the SEC 50% of the way through the season and Vanderbilt would be in the top three, I would venture that most observers would reckon me crazy.  But that's just what we are staring at right now.

For the moment, I have to embrace the Commodores rather than doubt them.  When a team is 3-0 in the SEC after having beaten South Carolina, Auburn and Ole Miss, you have to give them their due.

As for Kentucky, well, a close loss to the #1 SEC team on the road earns them some respect, but little else.  Mostly, everyone else just looked worse, especially Tennessee, who barely beat a MAC team at home.  If you can't figure out what happened to the once-mighty Volunteers, you're not alone.  They are talented enough to be good, but so far this year, they have just packed it in.

So with all that said, here is A Sea of Blue's ballot below.  The Week 6 SEC Power Poll is also up at Garnet and Black Attack.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS MoV Last Rank Remarks
Alabama 3-0 6-0 4-0 45.08 20.2 1 1 Tru: Managed to hang on for the victory against UK, but I think we learned more about Kentucky than Alabama.
Ken: Tenuous hold on #1 spot because of questions about QB Wilson
LSU 2-0 4-0 2-0 45.89 20.3 2 2 Tru: Open date.
Ken: Two weeks to prepare for the Gators -- Pushing 'Bama for #1 honors
Vanderbilt 3-0 5-0 3-0 49.66 10.4 6 3 Tru: After defeating Auburn, I am forced to take a sip of the Commie Kool-Aid. Yuck.
Ken: Best Vandy team ever?
Georgia 1-1 4-1 2-1 59.05 15.2 3 4 Tru: Open date.
Ken: How will they rebound after receiving a lesson in losing?
Florida 2-1 4-1 3-1 50.21 24.6 5 5 Tru: If you only saw the score, the Gators looked fine. If you saw the game, you have questions about their offense. 3-3 fourth down conversions – Is Meyer channeling Miles?
Ken: Fourth quarter redemption vs. Arkansas
Kentucky 0-1 4-1 1-1 48.43 20.2 7 6 Tru: Rammer, Jammer, Yellow Hammer – The Wildcats made the Tide sweat in Alabamer.
Ken: Winning the next two will greatly improve the 'Cat's status
Auburn 2-2 4-2 2-2 46.25 7.5 4 7 Tru: Tuberville has told his offensive coordinator to shut up and coach. The problem is, Franklin was the only one telling the truth about the Auburn offense.
Ken: It's time for the Tony Franklin offense to kick-in
Mississippi 1-2 3-3 1-3 50.99 4.5 9 8 Tru: Close game, but turnovers did in the Rebels. After next week's open date, the Reb's schedule really gets ugly.
Ken: Home loss to S. Carolina hurts resurgence
South Carolina 1-2 4-2 2-2 47.06 8.3 10 8 Tru: Smelley wasn't so smelly this time. Have the Gamecocks turned a corner here?
Ken: Spurrier saved his season with road win versus Ole Miss ... so far.
Tennessee 0-2 2-3 0-3 49.02 1.4 12 10 Tru: 13-9 against a MAC team and only 9 first downs to the Huskies' 12 doesn't exactly make that quarterback switch look like a genius coaching move.
Ken: Worst UT team in a 'coons age?
Mississippi State 0-2 1-4 0-3 51.86 -5.2 9 11 Tru: Open date.
Ken: At the crossroads of terrible season. Can Sly salvage the wreck?
Arkansas 0-2 2-3 0-3 55.31 -20.6 11 12 Tru: The Razorbacks were in this game after 3 quarters, but gave up 21 points in the last. But you have to look at this as an improvement if you are a Razorbacks fan.
Ken: It's gonna be a while