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Alabama 17, Kentucky 14: Post Mortem


Very tough game for Kentucky, but Alabama was what they were billed to be.  Unfortunately, Kentucky once again surrendered a defensive touchdown, which proved to be the difference.  I am not happy.  Yes, against reason, I expected to win, and we did not.

Congratulations to the Crimson Tide for getting the job done.  I am convinced they did not deliver their best performance, but I also believe that the Wildcats' toughness had a lot to do with that.  In the end, Alabama got the job done.

As for the Wildcats, they have a lot of work to do on offense.  UK has to stop trying to do the obviously futile, stop dropping the football (both the quarterback and his receivers), and continue to play the kind of tough defense that allowed us to be competitive in a game where Alabama was expected (and to a large extent, did) dominate the line of scrimmage.  Despite that, UK managed to have the game in doubt right up until the moment Lones Seiber (who I am now convinced hates Kentucky) could not execute even a reasonable facsimile of an onside kick.  Not only can the guy not kick field goals, he can't even kick it ten yards successfully.

Kentucky did not embarrass themselves today, which is something of a consolation.  But this defeat is bitter with self-abuse, and Kentucky still has a long, long way to go (perhaps longer than my remaining lifespan) to be able to go into a place like Tuscaloosa and defeat a top-5 ranked Crimson Tide.

Well done by the Tide, and noble effort by the 'Cats.  Time to get ready for a resurgent South Carolina.