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SEC Power Poll: A Sea of Blue's Ballot for Week 8


Week 8 already.  Wow, this football season is flying by, and we are now well past the half-way  point.

The SEC Power Poll results are now up at Garnet and Black Attack.  UK has managed to hold on to its mid-pack position.  It still bothers me to see how much more respect South Carolina gets than Kentucky, but that is just the way it is.  I think you can make an argument that the way UK played against Arkansas was not an encouraging sign for the Florida game, or any other SEC team not name Vanderbilt or MSU.

Alabama's hold on the top spot is weakening, and given their most recent performance against Ole Miss, understandably so.  How will the loss of their star defensive tackle affect them?  We'll have to wait and see, as this week is the Third Saturday in October -- Alabama at Tennessee.  UT could revive their season with this game, so they are likely to be fired up.  Alabama is nursing injuries.  This could be one for the ages, and maybe Fulmer's Last Stand.

Team cWL W-L bWL SoS Last Rank Tru Tru Comments Ken Ken Comments
Alabama 4-0 7-0 5-0 43.39 1 1 1 Still winning, but not looking as strong as earlier. Will Cody's absence stem the Tide? 1 Everything is close with 'Bama, but they continue to win.
Florida 3-1 5-1 4-1 50.38 3 2 2 Bye week. 2 Bye week -- Behind 'Bama by only a paper thin margin.
Georgia 3-1 6-1 4-1 57.26 3 3 3 Moreno was awesome, but do the Dawgs just hate the red zone, or what? 3 Richt has team playing better.
LSU 3-1 5-1 3-1 47.6 2 4 4 Tigers are winning, but they aren't scaring anyone. 4 Solid bounce-back after debacle in the swamp.
Vanderbilt 3-2 5-2 3-2 48.48 5 5 5 No shame in losing between the hedges, but 131 yards passing? Georgia's defense is good, but please. 7 Adams and Nickson suddenly ineffective -- Teams have begun to game-plan effectively against the 'Dores.
South Carolina 2-3 5-3 3-3 45.59 6 6 7 215 yards passing isn't horrible, but it also isn't Fun 'n Gun. 39 yards rushing is Kentuckyesque. 6 Gave LSU all they wanted -- I like Spurrier's team much better now than I did a month ago.
Kentucky 1-2 5-2 2-2 47.15 8 7 6 Epic failure forestalled by the Randall Cobb Show. Mike Hartline even threw a couple of spirals in this game. 8 Miracle victory! Will their be a carry-over effect?
Auburn 2-3 4-3 2-3 45.32 7 8 10 Bye week. 5 Bye week -- Did they find an offense?
Mississippi 1-3 3-4 1-4 46.44 9 9 8 Gave us all a reason to wonder about Alabama. 10 Played 'Bama tough -- They are very inconsistent
Arkansas 1-3 3-4 1-4 55.85 12 10 9 The Razorbacks are becoming dangerous – if Smith is on the field, that is. 11 Petrino has a great RB in Smith, but little else.
Tennessee 1-3 3-4 1-4 49.33 11 10 11 Fulmer's seat is still plenty hot, but at least it hasn't melted Neyland into slag yet. Good win for the Vols. 9 Scored 34 on a pretty good defense -- A definite improvement.
Mississippi State 1-3 2-5 1-4 48.82 10 12 12 Held the Bulldogs to 189 total yards. Strong defense, but the offense still looks like a 5-A team. 12 Takes one giant step back with blowout loss to the Vols.