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Big Blue Madness Open Thread

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Yes, my friends and neighbors in the Big Blue Nation, it is time for Big Blue Madness, and I know everyone is ready for it.  This is the official A Sea of Blue Open Thread for Big Blue Madness 2008.  Talk about it, live it, love it.

Madness is now a tradition for Kentucky -- not as venerable as "My Old Kentucky Home" at homecoming, but a tradition nonetheless.  While some consider BBM nothing more than excess and hero worship, I see it as a valuable public relations and recruiting tool, and I enjoy it as the titular kickoff to the basketball season.

Some have complained that moving BBM around, as has been done this year, is somehow wrong or sneaky.  It is neither, and that is a fact.  Anything else is an opinion.  But be that as it may, it is time for the Big Blue Nation to celebrate the upcoming basketball season.  It may look over-commercialized, like modern Christmas, but it is nonetheless satisfying and exhilarating for all that.

So embrace the hate.  Love your team.  Go Big Blue!!