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We are all Tigers today

Congratulations to the LSU Tigers for bringing the BCS championship trophy back to to SEC country for the second year in a row.  Tiger reax can be had at And The Valley Shook.  For Buckeye reaction, be sure to check out Around the Oval, the SB Nation Ohio State blog.  

I know that here in Kentucky, we are deeply immersed in basketball season, and even the BCS championship seems at best a distraction from what is in front of us, especially given the struggles of our team so far.  But this big Tiger victory is further validation of the Kentucky football team, as if we needed it -- one of only two schools to hang an "L" on the newly-crowned BCS champs.

It is absolutely incumbent upon me to acknowledge to outstanding effort the Bayou Bengals put into this season, and the straight on, no-nonsense whipping they gave a worthy Ohio State squad last night.  Ohio State may not have been truly worthy of a #1 ranking given their relatively weak schedule, and some will argue that a 2-loss team like LSU was not worthy of a berth in the national championship, either.  But no matter what, OSU acquitted themselves well, but were clearly the inferior team this year.

Both arguments are irrelevant now.  There is little real doubt that LSU is the best team in college football, and what doubt their is exists mainly in the minds of Trojan fans, although the SB Nation Southern Cal blog Conquest Chronicles rejects that suggestion in a very classy and honest post today that I hope our brothers and sisters of the SEC will remember when the shoe is on the other foot one day.

Congratulations to Les Miles and the Boys from the Bayou.  Geaux Tigers!