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Patrick Paterson has thoughts ...

Oh, yes, Patrick Patterson does have thoughts about the Cardinals.  Thoughts of turning them into roadkill.

Today's Herald-Leader has this article by Jerry Tipton about what Patrick Patterson thinks about his very first "Dream Game," and in typical Patterson style, he is succinct, but pithy:

"The best thing to do is win," Patterson said. "That would shut up all the spectators and doubters."
Patrick, that is exactly right.  Nothing will quiet detractors and doubters on both sides of the issue than victory.  One thing, not only about this series, but about other similar rivalries, is that the best team does not always win.  Even though the Cardinals would appear to have major advantages in depth, size, and even talent, this game is still being contested on Kentucky's home court, and Kentucky's coach took an arguably inferior TAMU team into this self-same environment last year and dispatched the Cardinals in a very close game.

But Patrick isn't done yet:

Patterson acknowledged the criticism produced by a 6-6 record, the poorest start for a UK team since 1989-90. But he noted how the program's "family" believed in Gillipsie and the coaches.

"We just believe in what we believe in as a family and as a team," he said. "We just block out what everybody else says, all the spectators and haters."

Yes, Patrick that's what it takes to win big games against better opponents.  Ignore the fans, ignore the media, ignore everything but the business at hand, and Patterson has taken care of his business all year.  If he can get a bit of help from our seniors and talented sophomores, Kentucky will be able to give the Cardinals all they can handle, and maybe just a little bit more.