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"And the winner of this year's Douchey is ..."

If they gave an award for Best Pundit Being a Douchebag each year, UK fans would usually have a tough vote ahead of them.

Would it be whomever slights the Cats in the studio, some Internet hero typing away for FOXSports, or the good ole Dick Vitale, whom Big Blue Nation seemingly loves to hate?

Well, no such problem this year. In a rare moment of unity, let's all raise a glass of spit to ESPN's own Doug Gottlieb, who in new "article" from the Herald-Leader's Jerry Tipton, lowered the bar once again:

"Those who remember 1989-90 begin to explain the different fan reaction by citing expectations. ...

Doug Gottlieb, a college basketball analyst for ESPN, likened Kentucky's 1988-89 season to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. Although clearly guilty of gross hyperbole, Gottlieb had a point when he said, "Remember after 9-11. Everywhere you went, people were nice. You thought, that is what it's supposed to be like."

Honestly, I'm a blabbermouth, and it's rare I'm speechless, but read that again.

Ignoring the fact that Gottlieb was probably 12 when this all actually went down, rendering his "expertise" on this subject even nill-er than usual, in what universe is that metaphor even remotely acceptable?

Look, I lived through that miserable freaking day here in Manhattan. Walked home amid the dust, and to this day hold special contempt for politicians and others who drop 9/11 as a way to inure themselves from criticism or debate. I can even almost grasp the idea of helping to de-sensitize 9/11 as a generally untouchable thing.

But comparing a basketball season to it?

I guess he thought maybe using a Holocaust reference was over the top?

So, congrats, Dougie, on a refreshingly cringe-worthy take on things. Perhaps we can next read your commentary on how UNC's 8-20 season was a lot like Jonestown. Or perhaps how Craig Esherick's tenure at Georgetown was a Waco Branch Dividian moment.

I'm sure you'll find a way to get a head start on next year's Douchey Award.