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Catching up: The Bowl Results

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the bowl season is just about over, and the SEC has done well.  Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Auburn and Alabama all won.  Arkansas and Florida lost.  The Gator's loss was a disappointment to SEC fans, but a huge kudos to Lloyd Carr's Michigan team.  They were absolutely outstanding, and exploited Florida's weak secondary just like the scouting report said.  I was very surprised that the Gators' offensive like looked so hapless, but give credit where it is due -- Michigan's game plan worked to perfection.

For your viewing pleasure, our friend Joel at Rocky Top Talk has thoughtfully provided us an animated drive chart of the MCB.  Enjoy, and be sure to visit Rocky Top Talk and congratulate them on their big win yesterday.

Too small? Check out the FULL SCREEN VERSION.

More 2007 Bowl Season Animated Drive Charts.

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I'll have much more later today on the Music City Bowl, and we will begin our rivalry week coverage of the UK/UL game.