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Midday Open Shot: Talk about the Wildcats

This is an open thread to discuss the Wildcats.

Kentucky seems to continue to have problems with injuries.  According to Billy Gillispie today on 1570 AM "The Zone," Meeks is again day-to-day with the nagging hip flexor.  Crawford is suffering from Plantar faciitis, and Jasper is dealing with a painful detached toenail.  Meeks will not practice again today, and Crawford is also doubtful.

There continue to be stories in the news to agitate Cat fans, lots of "How do you like me now?" stuff about Tubby Smith, and etcetera.  It is very annoying, but I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer going to address them unless they are completely outrageous.  But in this open thread, they are all fair game.  I did watch Minnesota and Northwestern play last night, and I must say, Tubby Smith has done a fine job getting Minnesota to play his style.  Minnesota, in fact, seemed to play even faster than UK has in recent memory, and a review of their pace of play this year reveals that the Gophers are playing at a 70 pace, similar to the 69 pace UK is playing this year.  Smith's pace numbers at UK?  2007 - 67, 2006 - 66, 2005 - 67, 2004 - 68.

Minnesota does a very good job of interior passing, but they appear to be suffering from a severe talent deficit.  We'll find out just how well Smith is really doing when UM starts Big Ten play, but they looked like a very solid team.

Lots of stuff today about U of L denying Anthony Allen permission to transfer to Arkansas.  Before we get all high and mighty about that, remember we did the same thing with Marvin Stone and Pitino, but public outcry eventually forced Larry Ivy to change his tune.  Maybe the same will happen with Jurich.  But here's a razzie to the Cards for poor sportsmanship -- it's their turn in the barrel.

Of course, there is now-16-0 Vanderbilt, who defeated South Carolina yesterday.  They will be coming for us on Saturday, and it looks like we won't be at full strength (again) for that game.

Jump in, the water is warm ...