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OPEN SHOT: The Louisville game last night

I just have time for a quick post this morning.

Our heated rival and next week's opponent barely survived at Papa John's last night against Middle Tennessee State University.

I didn't see the game, but a quick perusal of the box score tells me that MTSU exposed the Cardinals pass defense and hung with them on the ground game.

It's tempting to make a big deal out of this game, and it does raise some questions about the Louisville defense.  But for those who may be excited about that in Cat land, please note that to me, the MTSU game also validates the potency of Louisville's offense.  MTSU's defense was 47th in the land last year, and assuming this year's team is the equal of last year, Louisville still hung 58 points on them with Brohm getting 401 yards through the air.

In a shootout with Louisville, I'm not sure we can score enough points to beat them, all things being equal.  But Kentucky has a big-play offense, and MTSU had lots and lots of big plays against the Cards last night.

So please post your thoughts, if you have them ...