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Today's events in college football

The landscape of college football has undergone an amazing change in the last 48 hours.  Fully half of the top ten teams have lost, including West Virgina, Oklahoma, Florida, Rutgers and Texas.  This is truly amazing stuff.

I'll discuss the Kentucky victory tomorrow, but is it possible that Kentucky may back into the top ten?  I don't think we are a top ten team, but you have to laugh at the almost bizarre fiasco that this Friday and Saturday have wrought.

I guess I am amazed at the whole situation, but it is so typical of college sports.  Almost anyone can lose a given game, and Auburn, despite an absolute travesty of a fair catch interference call and a subsequent 15 yard penalty on Tuberville for rightfully protesting the obscene miscall, still hung in there and beat Florida despite what I consider to be some despicable gamesmanship on the part of Urban Meyer.  I have no love for Auburn, but after the missed call and Meyer's unsportsmanlike last second time out, I was cheering for the Plainsmen as though I had loved them all my life.

The missed call wasn't Florida's fault, and Meyer wasn't the first to do the split-second time-out.  But Meyer's actions suggested that sportsmanship is dead in Florida football, and anything goes.  That's not something I hope I ever see Rich Brooks do, and if he does, he will get just as much grief from me as Meyer.  And for those of you who think that's a cagey coaching move, stick it in your ear.  It's loathsome in my opinion, and my relatively high opinion of Meyer just went way down.  Florida deserved that little comeuppance, and it was delivered in spades.

And who knows?  The Washington Huskies might even pull of a last second miracle and upend Southern Cal.  Wouldn't that be fun?

Update [2007-10-1 8:17:42 by Truzenzuzex]:  The matter of the last second timeout is up for NCAA review now that it has been pulled out by Urban Meyer.  Good.  Hat tip: Get the Picture.