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SEC Power Poll -- Week 4 Ballot

Time again for the weekly SEC Power Poll.  As usual, you can see the compiled results of the poll over at Garnet and Black Attack, the SB Nation South Carolina blog, sometime after noon today.

In my ballot below, you will see that Kentucky continues to move up the charts, and why not?  They have beaten everyone in their path, and seem to be improving defensively every game.  They may never be LSU on defense, but the Wildcats are beginning to show that they have what it takes to seriously compete for the East.  I'm not ready to cast them in the role of co-favorite yet with Florida, but if they were to go down to Columbia and come back winners, I would make that move.

But this week, they are in third overall.  How do you put a 4-0 team with an SEC road victory over a pre-season Western division favorite below, say, Alabama at 3-1?  The answer:  You don't.  But the Cats still have some proving to do, as they are newcomers to this exalted status.

By holding serve next week against Florida Atlantic, the Cats won't prove much other than that they don't do let-down games.  But come October 4th, we are going to find out a lot more about just how high the ceiling for this Kentucky team is.  If the Cats were to somehow be 6-0 on October 5th, this could become a season for the ages.

Team Rank Date Comments
LSU (W) 1 9/25/2007 Cruising along, but is the offense showing weakness?
Florida (E) 2 9/25/2007 The defense, which looked strong against UT, looked vulnerable again. Tebow is 90% of the offense?
Kentucky (E) 3 9/25/2007 The fat Kool-Aid pitcher guy is singing to you. Ready to take a sip?
Georgia (E) 4 9/25/2007 Dawgs are showing signs. We all know Stafford can throw, but can his receivers catch?
South Carolina (E) 5 9/25/2007 Hard to mark them down too much for losing to the Tigers. Injuries a real concern.
Alabama (W) 6 9/25/2007 Noble effort against the Dawgs, but the Bear isn't smiling yet.
Vanderbilt (E) 7 9/25/2007 OK, we know the 'Dores can handle the little guys and the cellar dwellers. Can they beat anybody good?
Mississippi State (W) 8 9/25/2007 Feh. Beat an FCS croissant. But can they play football?
Tennessee (E) 9 9/25/2007 The heat from Fulmer's backside is keeping the weather unseasonably warm as far north as Lexington.
Arkansas (W) 10 9/25/2007 No offensive balance and an underperforming secondary. Not a recipe for success in the SEC.
Auburn (W) 11 9/25/2007 Cox was booed vs. the Bulldogs and cheered vs. NMSU. Saturday at Gainsville means a lot.
Mississippi (W) 12 9/25/2007 Nice try against the Gators, but unlikely to improve on that effort in Athens.
Overall comments: Kentucky is making people nervous. Tennessee's defense still sucks. Is Georgia rising?