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What others are saying about the football Wildcats

Here is a sampling of what some of the SEC bloggers from other schools are saying about UK after the big victory over Arkansas last week:

Kentucky: The Wildcats are 4-0, and will move to 5-0 with a win over one of the Sisters of the Poor this week. Nonetheless, I don't buy the notion that this team is a truly elite team. Yes they are a good team, and yes they are going to make a second straight bowl game, but they aren't on the level of LSU and Florida, and they won't seriously compete for the SEC. They squeezed by Louisville -- who suddenly doesn't look good at all after a squeaker against MTSU and a loss to Syracuse -- and beat a pretty good Arkansas team. They are definitely good, but a three game stretch against South Carolina, LSU, and Florida will likely hurt them quite badly. If they lose all three, no one should be surprised. An 8-4 season or so should be expected, but talks of a championship run are unrealistic. -- OutsideTheSidelines, Roll 'Bama Roll
5. Kentucky. Sorry, after what Syracuse did to Louisville my personal jury's still out on the 'Cats. -- Jerry Hinnen, The Joe Cribs Car Wash (Auburn)
Do I really believe in my heart of hearts that Kentucky is the 15th best team in America? Do I even really believe they're better than Georgia? No, I don't. But at this point, they've done enough to be given a chance to prove they're not that good... or something. Part of the BlogPoll's mission, as I see it, is to let go of the old ways of thinking. So just because Kentucky in the past hasn't been that good doesn't mean this UK team can't be. Until they show they're not, they are. Right. -- CornFromAJar, Rocky Top Talk
I'd say either the heat on Steve Kragthorpe is approaching that required to split atoms or Bobby Petrino took all the fans mojo with him when he left the program. Given the loud chorus of boos that were heard Saturday coming from Papa Johns stadium I believe it's the former. Luckily UK didn't get so wrapped up in their last second win to lose focus the way the Cards did. Kentucky continues to play well beating Arkansas on the road. Could it be any worse to be a Cardinal right now? The Wildcats punched you in the stomach so hard you lost TWO games. Last week there was some discussion questioning how Louisville could be ranked ahead of Kentucky. That injustice has now been rectified. -- Keltic Gator, Orange and Blue Hue
Florida Atlantic at Kentucky: The Wildcats have won nine of their last ten games. That can't be right. Can that be right? Let's see . . . Mississippi State, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, Clemson, Eastern Kentucky, Kent State, Louisville, Arkansas . . . well, I'll be danged; that is right. I don't know what the heck Rich Brooks did during Kentucky's October 21 open date last year, but, since that time, his 'Cats have dropped only a 17-12 road game against Outback Bowl-bound Tennessee. Well, son of a gun. Who would've thought? Hey, I know better than to mess with a streak . . . I'm going with Kentucky to win this one, for sure. -- Kyle King, Dawg Sports
Kentucky - The 'Cats now have two legit wins, one at home and one on the road. The Louisville win is tarnished, but a road win in the SEC is always tough. -- Quinton, Georgia Sports Blog
Naturally, I doubt again after this week's game with Florida Atlantic - first place in the Sun Belt! -with the trifecta of South Carolina, LSU and Florida on deck. Until then, though, fine: Andre Woodson is a myth, a machine, a man among men, a monocled minotaur maniacally marauding secondaries and sorority houses across the South. Admonishment nor chains will keep
your women from his musk. For now. -- Hannibal Montegna, EDSBS