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Still basking in the afterglow

We are still basking in the afterglow of the huge win against the Louisville Cardinals here at A Sea of Blue.

A couple of things have come to my attention today.  First is a picture snapped of Louisville tackle Breno Giacomini giving the Kentucky fans "the bird" in stereo before Saturday's game.  You can find the picture at Loge Level here (and hat tip to The Fake Gimel Martinez of for pointing me to it).

Giacomini has apologized for the gesture, and I think the Big Blue Nation should recognize and accept that apology.  Who among us has not done the same at one time or another in the heat of the moment?  Let's not lose ourselves in recriminations, the victory is sweet and any attempt to make it bittersweet should be rejected.

The second thing that has come to my attention is the continuing crusade of Rick Bozich to try to force Kentucky off it's position that the Louisville game is better off down the schedule.  He had another column today where he once again decries the move, and bemoans an alleged lack of exposure.

For my part, I will just say this to Bozich -- I don't believe UK would have won the game if it had been first this year, and I would rather have only 100,000 eyes see a victory than 10 million see a defeat.  Apparently, you don't agree, but for my money, Brooks did exactly the right thing, and it paid off huge.  

Why can't you just recognize that the gambit worked, and stop with the seemingly endless string of criticism of it?  Would it have been better if we could have had more viewers?  Sure, but I doubt ESPN will be as loath to televise this after this one became an Instant Classic.  We have a rivalry again, and in my opinion, it was the move that helped make that a reality.