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Folks ...

I have no words for the magnitude of what just happened.  I don't have to say it, or print the score, or any such mundane crap.

If you are anywhere near Lexington, you know what just happened.  If you are a Kentucky fan, you are beside yourself.

I cannot express in words what I feel.  I am not the worlds biggest football fan, but I think I just became one.  This is unquestionably the biggest victory in Kentucky history since sometime in the 1970's.

There are no words, no ... emotions, that can express my joy.  It feels like 1998, when the Cats defeated Duke to redeem a piece of our pride from 1992.  This may be the biggest thing since 1992, with Louisville playing the role of the Unforgettables.

What this means:

  1. Louisville's national championship hopes, and unrealistic as they were, are totally dashed.
  2. Kentucky will wake up Tuesday morning as a top 25 team for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.  Maybe even top 20.
  3. The SEC is validated.
  4. Rich Brooks is hereby a Kentucky legend.
  5. Steve Kragthorpe is unlikely to last 3 years.
  6. We no longer have to listen to crap from Louisville fans, not for a long, long time.
  7. Kentucky is a dangerous team, and a legitimate threat in the SEC East.
  8. Woodson is now a household name.
  9. Our defense is definitely better than last year.
  10. This is the biggest win in Kentucky football I can ever remember.
My brothers and sisters in the Big Blue Nation, join me in celebration!  This is a great day.  Tomorrow, we may all die, but tonight, we are victorious!


This is the second Kentucky football game I have listened to on the radio this year.   Somehow, I feel like I am back in the 1950's. There is something so dichotomous about listening to a Big Blue radio broadcast over the Internet from deep in ACC territory.  What a birthday present.  Sometimes, life can be so incredibly sweet, it gives you a toothache just thinking about it ...

Oh, uh ... one more thing.  Whad'ya think about the decision to move the game down the schedule now ... Tom Jurich?  Now, Tom, you know I can't print such language on my blog.  PG-13 rated, you know.