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A little Friday Duke loathing

ASoB is known as a relatively sober Kentucky blog.  We generally shy away from the run-of-the-mill trash talking and juvenile humor you find on some fan sites around the Internet.

But ...

Occasionally, we run across something so hilarious, so relevant, and just so ... well, let's just say something with "a lot of there there."

Since the infamous shot of 1992, Kentucky fans have considered Duke loathing to be almost a birthright.  Even U of L doesn't rank as highly in most UK fan's pantheon of hate rivals as the Indigo Diablos.

So with that in mind, and just because it's a Friday in August where basketball season is so very far away, I present this YouTube video.  It's a little dated, but it's new to me.

**WARNING ** Obscenities are rampant early in this thing, so kiddies and adults who don't want to hear the "F" word, please don't view.

Hat tip:  The Dude Abides.