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New Feature: Articles ASOB is Reading

If you will scroll down to the bottom on the left sidebar, you will find that we have added a new feature to the blog -- it is a shared feed of the articles I find interesting.  You'll find it in kind of a green box just below our second set of sponsor's links.

I use Google Reader to gather news about the Wildcats, and also pretty much about everything for ASoB.  I often find a bunch of news articles that are interesting, but not really worthy of a separate post all by themselves, and sometimes I just don't have the time or inclination to do a link dump.

I plan to update this section every morning first thing.  The feed itself only contains 10 articles, but you'll see more if you you click on the "read more" link -- it will take you to my Google Reader shared page where you can view all the articles I am currently sharing, and I pretty much share whatever I find interesting.

In this way, I hope to keep our readers more informed and up to date than ever, not just about the Wildcats, but about all the news that affects Kentucky and the SEC, as well as other sports-related items of just plain interest to me that you might find interesting as well.

These articles will change a lot during the day as I find new stuff, but the entire day's articles will always be available by clicking the "read more" link at the bottom.  Whenever I figure they have outlived their usefulness, I'll be changing them.

This is part of our effort to make our readers the most informed, most up-to-date fans out there.  As always, thanks for reading A Sea of Blue.