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Basketball Recruiting Update

Well, word is on the street that Ralph Sampson III enjoyed his visit to Kentucky this weekend, and Matt Jones has Kentucky in a great spot to obtain his services.  Word is also out there that he may return for Big Blue Madness, and I can only take that as a very good sign.

Sampson is a solid if unspectacular player who would definitely help us in the middle.  The word on Sampson's game is that he is a good face-up shooter out to 17 feet and a solid position defender, but not an exceptional athlete.  He is said to be rather cerebral in his game, making good decisions and playing hard.  He is also said to be a very good young man, humble and respectful.

In an interesting twist, Sampson will also be visiting Tubby Smith at Minnesota.  This is the first showdown I am aware of between the former and current UK coaches when it comes to a recruiting battle, so if he decides to go to either school, it will generate a lot of comment.

At this moment in time, I would say that UK is in a very good position with Sampson, as well as with Rotnei Clark and Cortney Fortson.  Along with DeAndre Liggins, that would be a very nice recruiting class to follow the Patterson class, and it would be very interesting to see what it could do.  Our team would still be a bit guard heavy, but not so much that it would be a problem, in my opinion.

Update [2007-8-27 12:11:59 by Truzenzuzex]:  I think I now have the ASoB recruiting board pretty much accurate, finally.