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News around the web

It's time for a news post.  I haven't done one in a while, and there is actually quite a bit of interesting stuff out there.

  • First off, Aaron's UK Basketball Blog points us to this blog post by the sports staff at the Charlotte Observer that  tells us the UK/UNC basketball series is going to be continued until at least 2009/10, which I think is great news.  I wish we could get in an annual game with that other Tobacco Road school, you know, the one with the fan base that's even more condescending and elitist than North Carolina.  I would love to play Duke every year, but I don't think we will -- too much of a good thing, you know.

  • Chris Diggs has a post up over at the Courier-Journal UK Fan Blog predicting the outcome of the UK football season games.  He has us going 8-4, has us beating UT, Arkansas and South Carolina.  I'd trade two of those victories for one over Louisville.

  • Slam Online has a report from the Adidas Basketball Experience tournament in New Orleans.  Some UK recruits are mentioned, notably GJ Villarino, Sephen Van Treese and Shawn Williams.  We haven't heard much from Williams in a while, but Van Treese is looking really interesting.

  • Verdell Jones is a name I haven't heard mentioned in connection with UK, but KUSports has an article about his interest in Kansas, which also mentions his interest in Kentucky.

  • John Clay has more on Billy Gillispie's handling of the Kentucky head basketball coach job.  I had forgotten that P.J. Carlesimo had turned down the job partly because of his bachelor status.  That doesn't seem to be troubling Gillispie yet, although Lexington's obsession with his habits as reported by Clay isn't particularly encouraging.  It is understandable that the new basketball coach would be scrutinized, and hopefully once some of the "new" wears off, it will subside.

  • Josh Herwitt of CSTV takes a look at several early big games coming up next season, including UK/UNC, Kansas/USC and UK/Indiana.

  • John Riek is really, really tall.  Dick "Hoops" Weiss also points us to a list at regarding athletic budgets.  Kentucky, at 57,000,000+, is only good enough for 6th in the SEC.

  • Lots of stuff is covered in this post at NCAA Hoops Today.  Just keep scrolling, and you can catch up on almost all the happenings in NCAA basketball in just a few minutes.

  • Recruiting Wars updates us on Tubby Smith's recruiting at Minnesota -- he loses one and gets another.

  • The Melo Backpedal has news on how Team USA is much improved this year.  The US, who once dominated international basketball, has done anything but in the last several years.  It will be interesting to see if this team, who TMB thinks is the third best US team ever, will be able to return US hoops to the tops in the world.

  • Sunday Morning Quarterback recalls perhaps the most incredible football play in SEC history.  Very much like the Duke/UK game in 1992, Kentucky wound up famous for being on the short end of the stick.