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Gillispie -- "Aw, shucks", all the time

You have got to love some of the quotes Billy Gillispie pulled out in this Herald-Leader article today examining how he is handling his newfound celebrity.  Some of these quotes are absolutely priceless, and really must go down in the "Aw, shucks" hall of fame.

This one I liked:

I'm learning a lot of things," Gillispie said this week when asked about his newsmaking. "I didn't really feel one way or the other. I think it's great people care. ...

This reminds me of Jim Carey in The Mask, "They love me, they really love me!"

But this one is absolutely priceless:

When asked whether he picked a home in Jessamine County to retreat from UK basketball, Gillispie laughed.

"You're giving me way too much credit for doing too much over-analyzation," he said. "I'm not much for over-analyzation, believe me. I couldn't tell you it was in a particular county. I saw a house I liked."

I envisioned Afred E. Neuman's quizzical expression, with a big fat "What, me worry?" coming out of his mouth.

But seriously, this lack of "over-analyzation" (ASoB is not sure "analyzation" is really a word, but then again, neither was "misunderestimated" until fairly recently), is a great sign to me.  Paralysis by analysis has long plagued coaches, and maybe a little less "analyzation" is a really good thing.

Gillispie is an endearing character, I'll give him that.  But I'm not so sure the players are going to think him so cute and cuddly when he gets hold of them ...