Apologies to all - It seemed like a good idea at the time ...

Well, after reading numerous comments on my attempt to upbraid Jay Glazer, I realize that in the process, I managed to get carried away to the extent that I offended many fine New Yorkers in an attempt to respond to one misbehaving person.  That was unwise and careless of me, and I regret it if anyone took offense.

In my defense, I will say that sometimes I get carried away when something strikes me wrong.  As any writer will tell you, words flow very easy when you are writing about something that really gets your blood boiling, and sometimes, you can get swept away by the currents of your emotion.  It can be a powerful ally, and when the passion really comes through, the writing can truly soar.

Unfortunately, like "the Force" of Star Wars fame, that emotion can also have a dark side.  It can blind you to unintended consequences and take you far from your intended line of reasoning, and quite honestly, that's what happened today.  No matter how bad my experience was in New York City 24 years ago, very much has changed since then, as I have been reminded by many fine readers both living there and elsewhere.  It's just a reminder to me that painting with a broad brush is usually inadvisable, as it's real easy to paint things that don't need it.

It wasn't necessary for me to show my hind parts just because Glazer showed his, and I think that's what ultimately happened.  Fact is, both are pretty ugly to look at.  So to those who found that piece over the top and offensive, please accept my apology.  I wasn't at my best.