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Proposal: How about a safe-driving course for UK basketball players?

I mean, seriously, what the hell?

First we have Randolph Morris driving recklessly at an obscene hour, speeding and blowing a turn (and apparently not for the first time, although this is the first time he was arrested).

Interestingly, Morris had gotten so small from partying earlier, he was still three inches shorter than normal, according to the police report.  But he managed to eke by the breathalyzer.

But not Marquis Estill.  He got popped the other night for blowing a .131 (for those who have forgotten, the legal limit in Kentucky is .08).  Heck, at .131, Estill could have flapped his arms and flown home.

I'll bet 'Quis was only about 5'9" when they measured him.

Maybe these guys can shoot hoops, but they are a danger to life and limb on the road.  Both are playing pro ball now, why don't they just hire a driver or something?

Well, I am confident they will get some instruction on how to drive correctly as part of their penance.

Jeez, guys, represent our program a bit better from now on, will ya?  Stay off the police blotter, please.

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