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So how good is our offense?

The truth is, we really don't know how good our offense is this year, but we can take a look at some key offensive statistics last year for the purposes of reference:

Rank Category Player Value Units
6 All-Purpose Running Keenan Burton 149.75 yds/g
13 Total Offense Andre Woodson 258.4 yds/g
14 Receptions Keenan Burton 6 rec/g
15 Receiving Yards Keenan Burton 83.83 yds/g
15 Passing Efficiency Andre Woodson 151.5 rtg pts
25 Kickoff Returns Keenan Burton 24.9 yds @

So what we see here is, between Keenan Burton and Andre Woodson alone, Kentucky was incredibly potent on offense.  Remember that Raphael Little was injured for most of last year.  I have no doubt these statistics could quite possibly have included a healthy Little.

#13 in the nation in total offense is even more impressive when you consider he was sacked almost 3 times per game.  And what can you say about Keenan Burton being 6th in the nation in all-purpose running?  He will have some help this year, and that will make the Wildcats very, very dangerous offensively.

The bad news is that getting the ball to Keenan Burton or other receivers was the only way we moved it.  The Wildcats ranked a dismal 101st in rushing, and despite our gaudy numbers above, were not very effective in the red zone.  The Wildcats ranked only 45th overall in scoring despite the fact that we seemed to move the ball at will, even against tough competition.

But just to remind you about our defensive problems, which didn't get any help when we lost defensive end
Nii Adjei Oninku
for the season the other day, the Cats surrendered 85 more yards than they gained on average last year.  Yikes.