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Talking Wildcat Football

Time is flying by, and we are rapidly moving toward football season.  A Sea of Blue is dedicated to improving its coverage of football, and in that continuing effort, we will be talking football again today.

Some good news and bad news out of this article by the Courier-Journal.  The good news is, Micah Johnson, our lone 5-star recruit from last year, is starting to impress Rich Brooks.  He is getting more reps because of an injury to Braxton Kelly, but fortunately, it is only a sprain.  

Kelly should be ready to go by the time the season gets here, but it is great to see Johnson develop.  Our linebacking corps this year is really and truly impressive.  They will play a pivotal role in getting our defense better than last year.  Of course, it's easy to improve from dead last ...

The bad news is that the Cats are already banged up, and it isn't even the season yet.  Kentucky must stay healthy to have a chance at a bowl.  Pivotal injuries with our schedule are something we simply cannot afford to have.

According to Rob Gidel at KSR, both redshirt wide receiver Terrence Jones has a season-ending injury, which would appear to rule out redshirting the freshmen.  This is a blow to our receiving corps both in terms of depth and for next year.

Also, a shout out to Matt Jones at KSR for the kind words he had for A Sea of Blue, and for pointing out that UK football players are now blogging over at the main athletics website.  This is very, very cool to me.

But what's even cooler is that the bloggers are Brad Durham, a true freshman O-line player that had his scholarship offer revoked by the douchebag Bobby Petrino, and none other than senior linebacker Wesley Woodyard.  If you haven't checked them out, follow the link above and do so.

Rick Bozich places UK ahead of Louisville schedule strength-wise, and acts like he's doing us some kind of favor doing so, almost as if it is a close call where UK barely deserves the nod.  Really, not a very impressive job by Bozich.  He has been better lately, but this reminds me a bit of the old Rick.

The tone of this Herald-Leader article disturbs me.  Trevard Lindley is a guy we have been counting on to strengthen our secondary and improve our pass coverage.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be playing that well in practice. I desperately hope we see him take the comments of David Lockwood, UK's secondary coach, to heart.  We need Lindley to perform.

Wildcat Fan Report points us to an article by Pat Forde which is actually well worth reading about the friendly rivalry which has existed between Andre Woodson and Brian Brohm for a very long period of their young lives.

It would truly be poetic justice if Woodson were to get the better of Brohm this year.  Brohm has had every conceivable advantage over Woodson -- private schooling in the catholic school system, the best available football coaching, all kinds of attention playing for the largest football high school in the largest media market in Kentucky, a football family and a brother who has played in the NFL, and on and on.

That's all for now.  There is some basketball news out there, but most of it is rumor and innuendo.  I don't trade too much in rumors, so I'll leave that to others who do it better.