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OPEN SHOT: Miscellany

Travis Ford is still upset that UK bought out the UMass game.  The question is, do we care?

Rupp's House has his wish list of 2008 recruits.  The apparent disconnect between Willie Warren's mouth and his brain has many of us thinking twice about him.  You know what I think, and what Rupp's House thinks, but what do you think?  Is Warren Rashaad Carruth II?

The UK-UL football game will be visible to everyone with ESPN Classic.  Wildcats Thunder and John Clay have coverage/reaction.  Is everyone satisfied, or do we still feel the need to bitch at Mitch?

Update [2007-7-10 10:29:6 by Truzenzuzex]:  John Clay still feels the need to smack Barnhart and Brooks around a bit.

Matt Jones thinks intelligent people can disagree on the issue, but thinks the game being moved is not a good thing if UK wins.