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Friday Morning News: More Gillispie buzz, recruiting, etc.

As we all start our final day of work before the glorious weekend, a few stories of interest have popped up.

First is this post by Chris Diggs at the Courier-Journal fan blog.  This article is just what Cat fans need to get our blood pumping and thinking about the annual clash between Kentucky and Louisville on the hardwood.

Apparently, some benighted Louisville fan made a comment that attracted Chris' eye:

"the only time you [Kentucky] HAVEN'T been cheating is when you were losing or when a man named RICK PITINO was your coach. The only true glory years for UK were with OUR coach."

Chris takes the opportunity of this poor fan's misplaced zeal and completely fisks him.  I know, I know ... not much of a challenge in this particular case, since the fan apparently is heavy on passion and light on intellect.  Still, it's a fun read, and a perfect example of how you disagree with a person without being disagreeable.

Next, the Peoria Journal Star has an article on how Billy Gillispie's recruiting zeal has put a bit of a hurt on his old buddy and mentor, Bill Self.  Just take a look at the opening couple of paragraphs:

Days after Billy Gillispie accepted the head coaching job at Kentucky, Bill Self warned his close friend and protege.

"Billy," Self said, "this is not going to be a lot of fun."

At first, Gillispie didn't get what Self meant. But now, he fully comprehends. In less than three months on the job, Gillispie has embarked on a recruiting rampage, and Self's Kansas program has been right in the thick of it. Gillispie has gained commitments from two players whom the Jayhawks coveted, incoming freshman guard Alex Legion of Detroit and rising senior point guard DeAndre Liggins of Chicago. [emphasis mine]

Read the whole thing.  It is too good to miss.

Mike DeCourcy, a fine sportswriter who often actually writes something someone might be interested in reading, has this article today on MSNBC.  It talks about how college basketball coaching has changed in the last 15 years, and gives some pretty interesting insight and examples on just how that change works.

He briefly touches on the heinous NCAA directive of the 1990's, which, more than anything, just further illuminates the cluelessness of that august body (as if further illumination were actually needed):

Coaches who lost jobs in the '90s became victims of the heinous decision by NCAA members to restrict one member of each Division I staff to making $12,000 annually. Those whose salaries had been limited eventually won a lawsuit against the NCAA, but the rule effectively depressed assistant coach salaries the rest of the decade.

DeCourcy goes on to discuss the continuance of the careers of such worthies as Cliff Ellis and Rod Barnes, two names familiar to those of us in the SEC.  I always liked both of those guys, and I am glad to see them continue their careers.

Then, we have news that DeMarre Carroll (remember him in a Vanderbilt uniform?) got shot in the foot outside a Columbia, Missouri nightclub.  I was unaware that Carroll was the nephew of Mike Anderson, now coach of the University of Missouri.  Carroll apparently transferred to Missouri after his freshman year at Vandy.  I hope he will be OK.

Rivals gives us ten to watch for 2010.  Unfortunately, neither of UK's 2010 recruits currently appears on that list.

Finally, also on the subject of recruiting, the Big Blue Blog looks at their recruit of the day, Willie Warren.  Support the UK blogosphere and have a look, he is a new blog just starting out.

Happy Friday!