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Breaking News: UK hires Todd Forcier as S & C Coach

The huge hole left in our basketball coaching staff by Scott Holsopple's acceptance of the Florida Football Assistant S & C coach position has finally been filled.  By who?  Well, by Scott Forcier, formerly of Syracuse University.

So who is this guy?  Well, before coming to Syracuse, he was an assistant S & C coach for the Seattle Supersonics.  You can read about that part of his bio at the Syracuse athletics website.

What is he like?  Well, here are a few items from around the web about Scott.  From

"I bring a lot of NBA experience to the table," Forcier said. "I have worked with NBA guys over the off-season for years. The NBA level of conditioning is a whole lot different than what these guys here are used to. That's one thing I brought to Dayton: upping the ante. You got to be in year-round shape. I'm trying to bring that new philosophy here."

From Men's Health Magazine:
Most Important Body Part for Basketball:

"Hips and core. If you have weak hips, you cannot defend, box out, jump, drop step, or slide your feet. If you're weak from the armpits to the waistline, you're often inefficient, off-balance and not explosive. When somebody's trained all other muscles but neglects these two regions, they often look like Tarzan, but play like Jane." -- Todd Forcier, Syracuse

Hmm.  Sounds familiar.  Finally, from the New York Times, an article about how Forcier once put the Syracuse team through Army training -- literally!
"We come out of the woods, and you think you're done," said Gorman, a senior forward for Syracuse. "There were a bunch of sergeants standing there waiting by two Humvees, and one sergeant says, `Get those bodies on those Humvees.'

"And I'm thinking, oh, I'm going to climb in this thing," Gorman said, smiling. "I'm starting to climb in and he says, `Get out and push it.' "

Up a hill.

And Gorman thought Coach Jim Boeheim's workouts were tough.

OK, I'm sold on anyone who arranges to have his team push a Humvee up a hill.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is ... well, it's just stupefying.

I think he'll do ...

Seth Davis takes note of the high school recruiting scene, and gives us his list of impact recruits.  Lots of names familiar to readers of UK blogs and message boards, so take a look if you have the time.