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Items of interest

Just a few items of interest to UK fans I have been checking out today.

  • John Clay blogs that the new rule for NCAA football teams to kick off from the 30-yard line instead of the 35-yard line aught to benefit Kentucky.  I think that he is right -- we were awesome last year, and this rule should give our speedsters more chances.

  • NCAA Hoops Today has a gigantic list of 2007-2008 hoops links.  There is a lot there, you should check it out.

  • A new name for UK's recruiting radar: Travis Leslie.

  • Matt Jones notes that the contact period for basketball recruiting begins in two days.

  • Stewart Mandel looks at college football cheating.  Mandel's line?
    The basic tenant to keep in mind is that when a school gets nailed by the NCAA for cheating, that doesn't necessarily mean it's indisputably dirtier than its competitors. It's just that the perpetrators happened to be sloppy, stupid or unlucky enough to actually get caught.
     So to put it another way, "everybody does it, and the ones who get caught are "sloppy, stupid, or unlucky."  Cynicism is the word of the day, it seems.  

  • Mike Silve of the SEC knows that we are about 1 year away from having a probation-free SEC.

  • Brian Jones at CSTV breaks down the entire SEC.  His conclusion on Kentucky:
    It goes unnoticed, but Kentucky has had the best return game in the country the last few years, thanks to Little and Burton. If the Wildcats can generate a running game to compliment Woodson and stop the run, there's a chance for a season unlike they have ever witnessed in Lexington.
    If you didn't read John Clay's article above, shame on you.  The last three links brought to you via The Resource Blog.

Update and Bump [2007-7-31 21:48:30 by Truzenzuzex]:  Fixed the link to NCAA Hoops Today's gigantic list of links.