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Kentucky Football: SEC Media Daze?

Well, it's time to look in on the SEC Media Days and see what the buzz is about the Wildcat football team.

First, let's go to Coach Brooks himself.  What a triumphant return Brook must have had, considering what has transpired over the past 12 months since his last appearance.  Last year at this time, Brooks appeared to have one leg out the door -- the only question was whether there would be a boot in his behind or not.

Well, this year there is no door and no boot.  After an 8-5 season last year, a bowl victory and a bunch of returning players, suddenly Kentucky is no longer the butt of every SEC joke ... well, almost, but we'll get to that later.

First, though, a look at what Coach Brooks had to say.  Online Athens says Brooks did a little Jack Nicholson imitation:

Welcome to the wacky world of SEC Media Days, where Kentucky coach Rich Brooks morphed into something that sounded in tone a bit like Jack Nicholson in The Shining Wednesday.

"I'm back," Brooks told the assembled media with a scary sense of satisfaction that he wasn't axed last season as many expected.

So we are going to do a little mock interview with a few of the people.  Note the word "mock" -- we will be asking "questions" and some of the principles will appear to answer using quotes from the referenced articles -- all for a bit of fun.  So here goes:

ASoB:  Coach Brooks, how have things changed for you in the last year?

"I'm the same guy I was four years ago," Brooks said. "The perception might be a little different right now. The thing that does feel different is that I have a good football team."

ASoB:  That do make a difference, Coach, glad to hear it.  Think you'll be back next year?

"So, I feel I'm on a little more solid footing now and hopefully won't have to be asked too many questions on job security."

ASoB:  Sorry, Coach, didn't mean to pry at a sore spot.  What do you think of your chances this year?
"I think we have a chance to be a factor in the conference race,"

ASoB:  Wow, that's pretty bold talk for a UK coach who went 9-25 in his first three seasons.  Do you really expect to accomplish more this season than last, given your tough schedule?
"I told the team that people will be looking at us a lot differently," Brooks said. "If we want better results than last year, we're going to have to be better than last year."

ASoB:  Coach, your defense was last in the SEC in almost every category but turnover margin last year.  Can you comment on that?
"If we want to be a factor in the race in the SEC, if we want to beat teams we haven't beaten in a long time, our defense has to improve as much as our offense did last year," Brooks said. "And I expect it to."

ASoB:  Coach, what about Wesley Woodyard?  How is he doing after his surgery?

"I talked to Wesley yesterday after his surgery," Brooks said. "He's fine. The surgery went well. He had a plate put in on the metacarpal of his left hand, the index finger.

He'll probably be withheld from contact the first three or four days of fall camp. He'll practice and play probably at least the first game with a cast on his hand."

ASoB:  Thanks, Coach Brooks.  We'd like to ask Andre Woodson a few questions now.  Andre, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

"The guys expect a lot more now," Woodson said. "They're not going to accept 8-5. We want to do more, we want to win more, we want to accomplish more."

ASoB:  Andre, what do you see as the major difference between last year and this year as far as you personally are concerned?
"I don't think anybody would have known who I was (last year)," Woodson said. "Obviously it's a world of difference from last year to this year."

ASoB:  Given your success and that of your team last year, Andre, give us an idea how it feels to be a Kentucky Wildcat football player this year.
"Obviously it's very overwhelming, but we did a fantastic job of getting ourselves in a good situation last year," Woodson said. "A lot of people are thrilled and excited to talk to us because we have a chance to surprise some people this year. You just try and be a good example and a good face for your program."

ASoB:  Thank you, Andre.  I see Coach Spurrier wants to say something.  Coach?
I really admire what Kentucky did last year; go 8-5 and win the bowl game. We thought we did something big beating Clemson, then Kentucky beat them also."

ASoB:  So you think that because Kentucky beat Clemson, Clemson must suck?  Is that what you are trying to say, Coach Spurrier?
"I like Rich Brooks; I like Kentucky. Their quarterback's a good player. Their whole team did a lot of good things last year."

ASoB:  Well, I guess that makes it all better then.

Thank you all for coming ... Coach Brooks ... uhh, Coach, please stop kicking Coach Spurrier ... ah, Coach Brooks would you please get your foot out of Coach Spurrier's ...

End of transcript.

Fox News has a look at Kentucky football.  Frankly, I think this is a fairly benighted review, because the reviewer seems totally, blissfully unaware of our O-line and D-line issues.  Thanks to davw83 for the heads up.