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OPEN SHOT: Is UK football a thunderstorm or a monsoon?

Matt Hayes of The Sporting News has this interesting article entitled "Kentucky could rain on the Big East's parade", wherein he posits that a Louisville loss to the Gridiron Felines would make the Big East look like the Sun Belt.

So whad'ya think about 'dat?

Oh, yeah, since we're all in the "I ain't gonna take no [expletive deleted] off our rivals" mood today, I just saw this on The Cat's Pause.  Apparently, some Louisville fan over on the Cardinal Rivals site thinks Gillispie's gonna cheat:

I predict BG won't last long at UK. I'm not suggesting he'll flop, as a matter of fact I think he'll win almost immediately. The question is at what extent is he willing to go to win? The guy is under a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed and quite frankly nothing less than winning quickly and big is acceptable. The UK fan base has unrealistic expectations for their program but with that said he'll be expected to try and live-up to those expectations. Again how far is he willing to go to make that happen, if you know waht [sic] I mean.

Read the whole thing, and jump right in.