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Afternoon Odds & Ends

Not too much happening on a steamy July afternoon, but a few items of interests just crossed my RSS reader.

First of all, frequent commenter UKWildCatFanatic just made me aware of this ESPN article by UK fan favorite Andy Katz about the rivalry developing between friends Bill Self and Billy Gillispie.  Money quote from Self:

"I'd rather play a friend than recruit against him," Self said. "You play your friend and it's over. You recruit against him, and it could last for 18 months or two years. It's going to happen. I can understand why people don't enjoy doing it."
He's exactly right about that.  Not really a bad article at all.

Wildcat Fan Report has a "caption this pic" picture that is ... well, priceless.

Willie Warren just keeps saying things to make me wish him farther and farther away from Kentucky.  Check out TLT Jeff Goodman's latest blog, Kudos to LeBron, and just scroll on down to Willie Warren's comments.  This guy is starting to get on my nerves.  I know he's young, but please.  I think I'm going to have to call him "World B. Willie" from now on.

The Feed blog has more on Antonie Walker's accosting by thugs in Chicago, including some background on other professional athletes who have been purloined by pilferers.  Thank goodness he wasn't hurt.

Greg Oden thinks Internet access is a right, not a privilege.  Entitlement mentality, anyone?

Finally, Recruiting Wars says Majerus is all over Billy G. like white on rice in a snowstorm, recruiting-wise.  You go, Rick.  Watch your back, Coach Gillispie.