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OPEN SHOT: Recruiting about to blow up

Not much time, as I'm moving today (absolutely fun with a 5-week old ... ugh), but couldn't not point you to the happenings around the web.

Hosting a slew of talented recruits from the 2007, '08 and 2010 classes, head coach Billy Gillispie has apparently been rolling strike after strike.

The biggest catch could well be an "imminent" verbal from 2010 rising sophomore, and top 10 in his class, K.C. Ross-Miller. has the update (premium).

Ross-Miller has been recruited by Gillispie for some time, and has long favored the coach. But apparently, as we had all hoped, the combination of the new facilities and Gillispie's zeal for recruiting may have craeted a monster.

Among the other recruits various outlets have reported as being on campus include potential 2007 recruits Leonard Washington -- a former Souther Cal commit who has a colorful history, to say the least, as well as a man's sized power game -- and Andre Clark, the lanky lefty big man, also a potential '07 guy. Darius Miller was said to be on campus as well, the Mason County standout, and a new name, former Syracuse and South Carolina transfer Mike Jones, whose grade issues have him eying JUCO, if he's not eligible now.

This is, of course, all in addition to Rotnei Clarke, the sharp-shooting Oklahoma PG, whose visit was known beforehand. Clarke told Matt Jones' KSR that his "loves Kentucky right now" and similar statements ran throughout the weekend.

More to come as it's reported.

Update [2007-7-1 8:38:1 by Truzenzuzex]:  Marc Maggard has an interview at Kentucky Ink with K.C. Ross-Miller himself that doesn't cost $$, and it is, well ... promising, to say the very least.

Update [2007-7-1 15:44:58 by Truzenzuzex]:  Reader piketaylor says that Rivals has confirmed a verbal commitment by K.C. Ross-Miller to UK.