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OPEN SHOT: Friday grind thoughts

The Billy Gillispie Era is now in full swing, illustrated by this weekend's elite basketball camp in Lexington.

Much has been written about the importance of these camps, and we've seen hte results the last few years of getting in on recruits too late in the game.

Gillispie's approach makes sense: introduce the country's best young hoopsters to your shiny new facilities and ridiculously huge arena/tradition at an early age so that when you call for a visit or commitment, you spend time talking about how awesome you are instead of who you are and what you did decades ago.

Not to continue/start any Tubby bashing, but such forward thinking is long, long overdue in this observer's opinion. Here's hoping that those sophomores and freshmen who attend take a good look at what life could be like as a God among men, er, I mean UK basketball player.

Consider this an open thread for your random thoughts on a slow day stuck at work.