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The NBA Draft is Coming. Does the Big Blue Nation Care?

I have to admit, my interest in the NBA has waned the last few years.  I used to religiously watch the NBA draft and many games, but these days, not so much.

Still, there are a few items of interest, and one of them is Shagari Alleyne.  Shagari has put his name into the draft, and Dick "Hoops" Weiss says that Alleyne's name has emerged as a possible late second round pick.  I blogged about Shagari's entry into the draft, but got mocked when I suggested some people think he may be chosen.  Well, at least I'm not the only one hearing it.

So we might have a dog in this fight, after all.  Good luck, Shagari.

For draft coverage, and to find out the who, what, where and why, there is really no better resource than NCAA Hoops Today.  Just keep scrolling -- there is more draft-related stuff there than anywhere else I know of.

A brief note in UK recruiting news -- Jody Demling says that coach Gillespie has offered another 2010 recruit.