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DeAndre Liggins: So what do we have here?

As you no doubt know by now, DeAndre Liggins of Chicago, who happens to play for Tyler Zeller's AAU team, Indiana Elite, just verbaled to UK this afternoon.

So what kind of player is Liggins?  "Completely unique", according to has him ranked as a 5-star, and the 3rd best point guard in the class.  JL posted some video of him down below.

As JL noted, Liggins blends in to the team, and loves to dish and handle, and rebounds like a forward.  But unlike Derek Jasper, who is in many ways cut from a similar cloth, he can shoot the basketball.  He is very quick for his size, and handles the ball extremely well.  His jump shot is not a thing of beauty like Alex Legions (see this post from JL to see what that looks like), but it is a far cry from the timid heave that DJ put up maybe 3 times last year.

In short, we got a player who can run, pass, jump, dribble, rebound and shoot the ball at a high level, and could legitimately play 1-3 on most teams, although we have many better options at 2 than Liggins.  At 6'6", he gives us one more giant point guard who can slide over to the 3.  Very versatile player.  He is considered the best player in the Chicago area, and is one hell of a pickup for us.