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OPEN SHOT: What bakes your noodle?

C'mon - we all have 'em.

Those little things in sports that causes us to go into spittle-spewing, eyeball-bulging, vein-popping, spleen-bursting apoplexy, forcing us to run to our computers and furiously type outraged, profanity-embellished tirades on weblogs and message boards.  The things that not just get under our skin, but crawl around in our minds like a malignant worm, driving us temporarily insane with uncontrollable rage.

Well, maybe not quite all that.  But you know what I mean.  For example:

  • Dickie V. giving Coach K repeated wet, sloppy man-kisses on national TV.

  • Gregg Doyel insulting Kentucky basketball in his own nasty, inimitable way.

  • [Insert sportswriter here]'s effusive praise of Traitor Rick.

  • Florida fans banging their sunken, hairless chests about "championships."

  • Billy Packer announcing ... well, anything.

We all have 'em.  What's yours?