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Duke Hate Part Trois: Dissed Dookies

Thanks to Josh Dickenson at KSR for pointing us to this article in the Greensboro News-Record, which explains how much hate there is out there in the world of college basketball for Duke, what he blames it on (would you believe he actually plays the race card?) and what he hopes to do about it.  Here is just a tasty tidbit, but you need to read the whole thing:

More and more often, Krzyzewski says he hears critics in the media taking shots at him and his program. Bashing Duke hardly is a new sport, but something, Krzyzewski says, has changed about the criticism. It's more harsh, more personal and, in his view, unacceptable.

"Believe me, I'm not being paranoid," he said. "It's just a fact."

We here at ASoB believe you, coach -- well, I don't know about the "unacceptable" part, but ...

I would like to congratulate Coach K and News-Record, for finally noticing what we here at A Sea of Blue discussed earlier this month.  Who knows, maybe K visits ASoB ... wouldn't that be something.  

Now, maybe us long-suffering and much-maligned UK fans and Coach K have something we can commiserate about -- media loathing.  Let's get together and cry in our beer, coach -- ya wanna?

Update [2007-6-25 19:52:23 by Truzenzuzex]:  SB Nation's Carolina blog, Carolina March, has some fun with this story, too.